Volatile Correction Model


Map of the areas covered by the VCM Model Domain 2007Welcome to the Volatile Correction Model (VCM) web portal. This web portal is funded by defra and is designed for users of TEOM PM10 measurements; it allows you to correct TEOM measurements for the loss of volatile components of particulate matter that occur due to the high sampling temperatures employed by this instrument. The resulting corrected measurements have been demonstrated as equivalent to the gravimetric reference equivalent.

Flow chart describing data manipulation in the VCM web portal

The VCM works by using the volatile particulate matter measurements provided by nearby FDMS instruments (within 200 km) to assess the loss of PM10 from the TEOM; this value is then added back onto the TEOM measurements. The area over which the model has been demonstrated to work is shown in the map image on this page.

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